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Jordan Arseneau

Work is often viewed as “the daily grind.”

Not for Kankakee Community College graduate Jordan Arseneau. He describes work as “spending the day at the playground for a kid”.

Arseneau is a photographer and editor at Oak Brook Productions, a television arm of Tribune Broadcasting. His current assignment is working as the sole editor and photographer on the “Chicago’s Best” series. “Chicago’s Best” is a food and lifestyle show that spotlights restaurants in the Chicago area.

“I look forward to coming to work, and I have blast while I am here,” said Arseneau. “It’s pretty amazing to get paid for what I love to do.”

The three-time Emmy award winner has been behind the camera since childhood, when he and his twin brother and best friend Jesse (also a former KCC student) used to make videos.

“Before the days of You Tube, Jesse, our friends, and I used to write scripts and shoot video on 8mm camcorders,” said Arseneau. “When it came time to go to college, we didn’t know how to start a career in this line of work.”

But, they knew about KCC.

Arseneau and his brother enrolled in KCC immediately after high school. To support their college careers, the brothers saved their paychecks from their part-time jobs at a local discount retailer. In addition, they received MAP grants. The brothers were also part of KCC’s TRIO Student Support Services program, which mentors first generation college students.

“KCC offers students an education close to home where there is access to a flexible schedule and all the prerequisites needed to students focus on career courses when they transfer,” said Arseneau

Even though some view going to away to college as a “rite of passage” according to Arseneau, he said he traded that for two years of working hard at KCC and living at home for having his dream job today.

“At the time, I didn’t realize what a wise choice going to KCC was,” said Arseneau. “Here I am, years later, nearly debt-free from school, while so many of my colleagues have thousands of dollars’ worth of debt.”

After graduating from KCC in 2002, Arseneau transferred and received his bachelor’s degree in mass communication from ISU in 2004. He immediately started working WCIA in Champaign-Urbana as a news and commercial photographer. Five years later, he landed his current job at the Tribune Broadcasting Company.

Arseneau’s hard work has paid off. He has earned three Emmys and was nominated a total of eight times. One Emmy was awarded in 2011 for Outstanding Achievement for Magazine Programming- Program/Special/Series. The other two Emmys were for Outstanding Craft Achievement Off-Air: Editor-Program (Non-News) in 2013 and 2014.

“My career has been an amazing ride so far,” said Arseneau.

Watch Jordan's video