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Mike Neumann

Mike Neumann, KCC student and Gym owner
One year ago, Kankakee Community College (KCC) student Mike Neumann never thought he would own his own gym.

He took advantage of an opportunity and never looked back. Neumann opened Fit Body U in Bourbonnais eight months ago . . . a gym he describes as the place for “beginning workout enthusiasts.”

Fit Body U currently has more than 450 members. Neumann estimates more than 80 percent are active members.

“I am not a business man looking to make some money, and or a guy who decided to open a gym purely for profit,” said Neumann, of Bradley. “I'm a dedicated trainer who happens to have a gym. There is a certain way that I think a gym should be run, and I am making it happen.”

Neumann knew he wanted to be a personal trainer since he got his first set of weights at age 11. After high school, he started working as a personal trainer, but he also enrolled at KCC. He spent a few semesters at KCC, but then dropped out to work full-time. “My heart just wasn’t into school, and I wasn’t looking at the big picture,” said Neumann.

In his 20s, Neumann wanted to go back to school, but he thought he was too old. When he revisited the idea again in his 30s, he took the advice of a client; “You’re going to be 40 one day with or without a degree. Go get that degree.”

Neumann enrolled in KCC for the second time in his mid-30s. He started taking business classes, two at a time. He said his age is an advantage.

“One of the benefits of going to school as an adult is I actually want to learn instead of going through the motions,” said Neumann. “I haven’t earned my degree yet, but I am learning from the individual classes.”

Neumann cites his Microsoft Excel class from last semester as well as his human resource and communication classes from this semester for teaching him skills to more effectively run his business.

He feels everyone can learn from taking classes as an adult.

“You can enhance your job skills by enrolling in classes at KCC,” said Neumann. “Everyone can benefit from what KCC has to offer because it’s never too late to go to back to school.”

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