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Host a YAPS Intern

Young Adult Program Services provides no-risk interns to local businesses. Interns are paid by YAPS and covered under KCC's insurance.

To host an intern

  1. Choose to participate - contact Dana Washington at 815-802-8964 or
  2. Complete a short questionnaire, providing information on necessary works skills. YAPS can then match up a participant that meets your expectations. 
  3. Meet the participant and determine if they are a "fit." You choose whom to hire.
  4. Every other Friday, fill out a timesheet verifying the intern's work hours.
  5. At the end of the employment period, fill out a brief evaluation that covers basic work habits: punctuality, reliability initiative and appropriate work behaviors.

Quick answers to common questions

Am I obligated to retain an intern for any amount of time?
No. At any time, for any reason, an employer may cease a participant's employment.

How many hours a week can an intern work and what hours are they available?
The maximum hours per week is 29. There are no restrictions on when these hours can be worked. The employer and intern can determine a schedule that is mutually acceptable.

What if my worksite requires a background check and/or drug screen prior to employment?
YAPS will cover the cost of background check and/or drug screens at no cost.

What types of skills will participants have?
YAPS participants receive training in customer service, telephone etiquette, time management and software programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

If any problems arise, who is responsible for resolving them?
YAPS staff is always available to assist with any problems.

If I want to keep an intern as an employee, is there a fee?
No. If an employer chooses to retain their YAPS intern as an employee, there is no fee. YAPS is not a placement agency. Although keeping an intern on your payroll is an option, there is no expectation for you to do so.​