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The acquisition of materials for the Harold & Jean Miner Memorial Library is a responsibility shared between the faculty and the library staff. Faculty members are responsible for insuring that pertinent materials are acquired for students. Library staff is responsible for insuring that the library collection is well balanced, relevant to the curriculum, and up-to-date in usefulness for students' and faculty members' needs.

New materials

Suggestions for new materials may be submitted at any time. Bibliographies, published reviews, professional journal citations, as well as faculty suggestions are included in the selection process. To recommend a book for purchase or to recommend adding a periodical to the library's collection, send a complete citation via email. Include the book or periodical title, book author(s) name, date of publication and any other pertinent information. Acquisitions request forms are also available in the library.

Areas of instruction

Once every five years, prior to program review, the library staff members focus on an area of instruction.  Annually, faculty members in twelve areas of instruction are contacted to assist in reviewing unused, worn or dated material. Those same members are then asked to select new materials based on their suggestions and lists of positively reviewed materials. Materials lists are derived from current syllabi for courses and research assignments in courses.


Suggestions for additions and deletions to the periodical collection are requested of faculty each spring. Copies of the library list of periodicals may be searched through KCC's online catalog.

Non-print materials

Non-print materials, in particular DVD/video cassette recordings, must first be requested for preview. A completed AV Preview-Firm Order Form with approval for preview from the division chairperson must be sent to the Acquisitions Technician in the library. Timelines and procedures are detailed on the form. 

Since the entire process can take up to four months, this schedule must be followed when ordering a video/DVD. To order items for use during the spring semester, submit orders in August or September. To order items for use during the fall semester, submit orders in January or February.  Preview ordering ends in March in order to complete all previews and returns prior to May finals.