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Display Cases

The Miner Memorial Library display cases are available to individuals or organizations to showcase non-commercial exhibits that are educational, cultural, civic, artistic or informative in nature and of general or specific interest. 

Organizations may wish to showcase their activities, history and projects. Instructors may request space for an interesting class project. 

Individuals might display memorabilia from a hobby or an educational trip. 

Especially encouraged are displays highlighting the work or talents of KCC students, staff and faculty, and displays that incorporate items from the library collection, such as books and videos.


The priority of display case scheduling is as follows:

  1. Library displays and displays created by the library staff
  2. KCC-affiliated organizations and classes
  3. KCC-affiliated individuals
  4. others


If the theme of the display deals with a political, social or controversial issue, the display should provide impartial information stating the facts of the situation. Library staff reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of any items displayed and to remove the display or any item deemed inappropriate. Acceptance of a display request does not constitute endorsement of a group or individual or their views.


The library technician will schedule and coordinate the display cases. The cases will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Reservations must be made one month in advance, and may be made up to one year in advance. Cases must be reserved for at least one week, preferably for one month.

Sizes and locations

The main display case, located in the library entryway, consists of two lockable glass-enclosed cabinets. Each cabinet is 80" x 48" x 16". Both cabinets have adjustable wooden shelves 35" x 10" (2 to 4, depending on the amount and size of material being placed in the case). One or both sections of this display case may be reserved. 

The library also has four cube display cases in the atrium area, 29" by 29" x 18". The library technician may schedule a display cube for a display at her discretion if the amount, size or subject of the display would be better suited to a cube.

Preparing a display

Items may be dropped off at the library for the library staff to display. The individual or group may make arrangements to set up their own display by contacting the library technician. If the group or individual does not have its display materials to the library by the third day of its reservation, the space will be forfeited for other usage. Arrangements should be made to pick up materials within one week of the agree-upon end date of the exhibit. If not picked up within one week, items become property of the library and may be disposed of at the discretion of library staff.


While the library avoids cancelling or suspending displays, the library reserves the right to do so if facilities are needed for library purposes, or for other unforeseen circumstances. Every effort will be made to give as much advance notice as possible and to try to schedule an alternate date. Exhibitors who must cancel a display are encouraged to notify the library as soon as possible.

Contents of the display cases are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. We will be as considerate of your materials as we are of all materials in the library. The library is not responsible for breakage and damage to materials, or loss or theft of materials, either while they are on display or while they are being installed or removed. Each display case has a lock to secure items.

Failure to adhere to the display case policy may result in denial of future privilege.

Request a display case

To request a display case, contact Brandi Castillo at 815-802-8408 or Include the name of the individual or organization, a description of the display, and a name, phone number and email of an individual to serve as the contact person for scheduling the length of the display, drop-off and pick-up of materials, and to answer any questions staff may have about the exhibit.​​