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 Public Service Announcements

Are you a member of a local non-profit organization? WKCC is happy to air your public service announcements. Please submit your PSAs at least 2 weeks before the event, in one of these ways:

  • Email - wkcc@kcc.edu (preferred)
  • Fax - 815 802-8101
  • Mail - WKCC, 100 College Drive, Kankakee, IL 60901 

WKCC does not accept PSAs over the phone or in person.

WKCC announcers "live-read" PSAs at their discretion, as program schedules and other on-air materials permit. However, if your organization requires a set schedule, you may purchase a Paid PSA at a cost of $15 per spot aired.

All PSAs aired on 91.1 WKCC must meet federal and local rules and regulations. Because WKCC is non-commercial, the FCC has stricter rules for our radio language and content than that of our commercial counterparts.

Is my organization eligible to air a PSA on WKCC?

Only bona fide non-profits are allowed to air public service announcements on non-commercial radio stations like WKCC. Additionally, even if your organization is eligible for PSA service, you cannot solicit for funds, solicit for volunteers to solicit funds, or promote a "members only" event.

Are there other restrictions?

Yes. There are several other restrictions

Pricing information - You cannot mention prices or refer to discounts or sales of any kind; however, you may tell listeners that tickets are available for an event. If an event is free you may say it's "open to the public."

Comparative language - You cannot qualify a product, service, or event as something that may be more or better in some way than another product, service or event, for example, "The XYZ organization, the leading organization of its kind, will present its fantastic spring concert..." Instead use a description of the event without embellishment, "The XYZ organization will present its spring concert..." 

Promoting fundraisers - You must promote a fundraiser as an event. For example, a concert to raise money for a service organization can be promoted as a concert with a brief statement regarding who will benefit, such as "Proceeds benefit XYZ organization."

Event sponsors - You cannot mention event sponsors.

Calls to action - You cannot use imperative statements, such as "Bring your lawn chairs and blankets..."; "Don't forget your tickets..."; or "For more information, call 555-1234..." Instead, use language like "Lawn chairs and blankets welcome..."; "Tickets available by pre-order only..."; "Information at 555-1234..."

Don't be discouraged!

WKCC staff will assist you in writing your PSA, to ensure that it meets our requirements. Contact them at wkcc@kcc.edu or 815 802-8230. You may also review  WKCC's PSA policy for details.