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Grand Prairie Chronicles

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A Collection of Local Tales, Legends, History and Biographies

What secrets lie beneath the sidewalks of Kankakee? Did Kankakee police really carry lassos back in 1900? Who were the cattle kings of the Grand Prairie?  

Join local historian and author Vic Johnson weekdays at 7:30 a.m. as he reveals the sometimes haunting, sometimes humorous, always fascinating stories of Kankakee and the surrounding area's past.

Each 2-minute episode is also available as a podcast

About the host

Vic JohnsonVic Johnson, local historian and author, first became interested in history as a teenager, when he found a copy of Gurdon S. Hubbard's autobiography in the Kankakee Library. A freelance illustrator, graphic designer and writer, Johnson focused on local history in earnest after his retirement.

He began recording Grand Prairie Chronicles in the spring of 2008. The radio series draws from his extensive body of work, which includes his Kankakee Journal's Up Till Now columns from 1990 to 2001 and his books:

  • Bradley: A Centennial History of a Prairie Boomtown,
  • An Illustrated Sesquicentennial Reader: Kankakee County 1853 to 2003
  • Burt E. Burroughs Annotated: The Story of Kankakee's Earliest Pioneer Settlers.