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Green Minute

Got a minute?

Learn more about living the green life. The Green Minute gives you short, easy-to-remember facts and ideas for becoming a more responsible citizen of the planet. Tune in to WKCC 91.1 FM or listen online at 6 a.m. Each 1-minute episode is also available as a podcast

If you have a topic for this series, email Bert Jacobson in KCC's Sustainability Center with your idea.

KCC's Sustainability Center

The Sustainability Center is a great resource for information on energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. As part of the Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN), it's also an information hub for energy incentives and grant opportunities, career development, and employment referrals.

Located in KCC's library, the Sustainability Center is your one-stop shop for everything green. For more information, call 815-802-8242 or email Bert Jacobson.