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This schedule is effective Oct. 1, 2014. Locally-produced programs are shown in bold. Listen to local news weekday mornings at 6:04, 7:04, 8:04 and 9:04 a.m.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5 a.m. Classical Music Concierto  
6 a.m. BBC World News    
  Performance Sunday Baroque
7 a.m. Today  
8 a.m. The Takeaway State Wk Review  
9 a.m. Performance Today Car Talk Classical Guitar Alive!
10 a.m. Wait Wait… Splendid Table
  Don't Tell Me!
11 a.m. Exploring Music A Way Travel with
  With Words Rick Steves
Noon The Takeaway This American Life This American Life Zorba Paster
  For Your Health
1 p.m. The Diane Rehm Show Science Friday Ask Me Another Car Talk
2 p.m. The TED Radio Hour Wait Wait…
  Don't Tell Me
3 p.m. BBC News Hour Radio Lab  
4 p.m. Marketplace Wits Mystery Tour
  Outside Humankind Bioneers


Left, Right & Center  
5 p.m. The World State Wk  Review   Etown
  The World A Prairie
6 p.m. To the Point Home Companion Celtic Connections
7 p.m.       Cleveland In a Mellow Tone Friends of the Blues The Midnight Special
  N. Y. Philharmonic Symphonycast Chicago Symphony Orchestra/
8 p.m. This Week   Orchestra Deutche Welle M. McPartlands Piano Jazz
        Festival Concerts
9 p.m. Performance Today 12th Street Jump Weekend Radio
10 p.m. Music Through the Night The Roots of Smooth Hearts of Space
11 p.m. In a Mellow Tone Beale Str. Caravan Classical Guitar Live
Midnight Return to the Source Blues before Sunrise Classical Music
1 a.m.
2 a.m.
3 a.m. Classical Music
4 a.m.