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Small-Wind Technology

Tim Wilhelm teaching his Small-Wind Technology classKCC offers a Small-Wind Technology certificate and specialization track in the Electrical Technology program

The Introduction to Small-Wind Technology course, ELTR 2324, explores the design, installation and use of small-wind electrical generator systems for consumer and commercial applications. Students will be given theory and hands-on lab experience sizing, installing and maintaining small-wind electrical generating systems.

Course outcomes

Students successfully completing this course will:

  • understand atmospheric wind dynamics, wind-harvesting principles, small-wind generator construction and operating characteristics
  • perform a site analysis and system performance estimates for a small-wind power system
  • properly size a small-wind system to a specific application, and  select appropriate system components for the system
  • work safely when installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining small-wind power systems
  • earn CITCA Wind Tower and Nacelle Climb Safety and Rescue certification

CITCA certification

Communications Industry Training and Certification Academy -CITCA- logoThis certification includes climbing and rescue training for the wind turbine industry.

Communications Industry Training & Certification Academy (CITCA) is a nationally recognized training academy, developed by a group of communications industry specialists, offering a complete line of college accredited tower erection and safety training programs directly related to the communications industry.