Student Complaint

The student complaint policy addresses concerns about a member of the instructional staff or a process of the college. Students who feel their grade was unjust should use the Academic Grievance Process and form. This information also is available in the Department of Student Services.

Informal resolution

Initially, the student is asked to attempt to resolve the concern directly with the appropriate faculty member. If the student is not satisfied or not willing to address the issue with the faculty member, a formal process may be initiated.

Formal resolution

The student can complete, sign and submit the Instructional Complaint Form to the associate
dean for the appropriate academic division. The appropriate administrator then will do one of the following

  • Concur with the findings and resolution
  • Dismiss the charge
  • Suggest a new resolution


If the complainant feels due process was not followed, an appeal can be made to the vice president for
instructional and student success within 10 working days from the receipt of the administrative decision.

The appeal must establish one of the following:

  • The procedures were not properly followed or
  • An adequate opportunity to present evidence was not allowed

A decision regarding the appeal will be made within 10 working days by the vice president for instructional and student success. The decision on the appeal is final.