About Advisement Services

Academic advisors help students:

  • Decide on academic and career goals
  • Connect with academic support services
  • With academic problem solving and decision making

If you are seeking a degree, you are assigned an advisor who specializes in your specific academic area. The advisor's primary role is to assist you in developing an academic plan that will result in:

  • Smooth transfer to your chosen college/university in your desired major
  • The acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and/or credentials to make you a competitive, successful employee in your chosen profession
  • Development of a plan to meet health career eligibility requirements by specific deadlines

Consistent planning is key to a successful academic career

It is your responsibility to develop a comprehensive academic plan with your advisor and to make sure it is updated as needed.

Academic Advisement Mission

The mission of Kankakee Community College’s Academic Advisement Program is to empower our students to achieve the academic goal(s) they set for themselves, knowing that those goals may change over time. That mission involves assisting students with (a) choosing an appropriate career goal, (b) developing an educational plan that meets their individual needs, (c) strengthening decision-making skills, and (d) learning success skills for higher education. Teaching is a significant component of our program’s developmental mission.