Student/Advisor Responsibilities

Academic Advisement is a collaborative process. Advisors and students work together to develop an academic plan.

Student responsibilities

  1. Contact your assigned advisor.
  2. Work with your advisor to develop a Master Academic Plan (MAP). Meet with your advisor to make updates/changes as needed.
  3. Bring a list of questions and materials such as your Master Academic Plan (MAP) and schedule to your appointment.
  4. Meet academic deadlines. Know when to register and when drop/add deadlines are.
  5. Seek assistance from your professor and/or advisor when you encounter difficulties in your courses.
  6. Learn the graduation requirements for your program of study.

Advisor responsibilities

  1. Provide you (the student) with information about academic programs and procedures. Clarify policies, regulations, programs, and procedures.
  2. Offer you advice on selecting courses and assist in developing a Master Academic Plan (MAP) to obtain educational goals.
  3. Offer you a welcoming environment and help you become more academically independent.
  4. Refer you to additional campus resources as needed.
  5. Assist in exploring your interests, abilities and goals.
  6. Review the list of classes you need to graduate from your intended program.

Phone 815-802-8500 or email to learn more about advisement procedures.