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What is Cav Day?

Cav Day is an on-campus orientation and registration experience. The goal is to provide basic information to ensure a successful transition to KCC. All students will meet individually with an academic advisor and then complete their course registration.

Other departments such as Financial Aid, Accounting and the Hammes Bookstore will be open and available to meet with students as well.

Is it required to complete the Online Orientation prior to Cav Day?
Yes. Please complete the Online Orientation prior to your Cav Day. The modules will introduce you to topics that will be discussed further while on-campus. In addition, you'll be asked to reset your KCC password--which you will need in order to register for classes at Cav Day.

Who is required to attend Cav Day?
Check out the Cav Day Requirements​ tab. If you’re unsure if any of these descriptions apply to you, please call 815-802-8500 or email us at

What if I arrive late to Cav Day?
If you arrive late, you will be asked to reschedule and return at a later date/time.

Do I need to attend multiple Cav Days?
No. You can only register for and attend one Cav Day.

How much does it cost to attend Cav Day?
It is free to register and attend Cav Day (including parking).

How long is Cav Day?
The length varies from student to student. We suggest planning on being at Cav Day for at least five hours. Some students may finish sooner than others. However, there is no way to predict exactly how long it will take.

We will do everything we can to get you through the program and registered as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Am I allowed to bring family members, friends, children, etc.?
Yes! We highly encourage students to bring family, friends, etc. However, please know that Cav Day is not designed to accommodate small children. Please take the length and content of the program under consideration before bringing a small child. At this time, we do not have childcare options during Cav Day.

Can I skip portions of the program?
No. All aspects of Cav Day are required. While we recognize it is a long day, each session is designed to support your transition to KCC. In addition, our advisors won’t be prepared to see students until the designated time on the schedule.

If you skip portions of the day, you may be asked to leave and re-schedule.

What if I took dual credit courses through KCC—do I still need to attend Cav Day?
Yes. You will not be required to submit another KCC application. We will be in contact with Cav Day registration instructions.

How do I reschedule Cav Day?
We have plenty of dates to choose from, so you’re always welcome to reschedule. To modify your Cav Day reservation, log in to your application portal and click the "Cav Day" link at the top of the page. You also can call 815-802-8500.or email

Can I complete placement testing during my Cav Day?
Before Cav Day, you should complete the Testing Form on your application portal and testing if it is required. This ensures that you’ll be able to successfully register for courses during that day.

Is lunch provided at Cav Day?
No. Light snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day. KCC Food Service will be open and available to make food purchases.

When and where does Cav Day start?
A reminder email with your Cav Day date, start time and other details such as parking and check-in location will be sent approximately 48 hours prior to your registered date. So be sure to check your email!

Can I receive assistance during Cav Day?
If you or a guest needs special assistance due to a permanent or temporary disability, please check the "Accommodations Needed” box on the Cav Day registration; or contact Advising Services directly at or 815-802-8500. Requests must be made at least one week prior to the registered date.

What if I decide to change my academic program?
No problem. While Cav Days are designed to focus on one specific academic area (Health Careers, Occupational, Transfer)—you are still able to change that day. Just make sure to let a staff member know and we will have you work with the appropriate academic advisor.

Do I need to submit transcripts from other colleges/universities I’ve attended?
Yes. For your advisor to properly place you into courses, they’ll need to know what you’ve successfully completed at all other schools. Please submit unofficial transcripts prior to Cav Day to

Note: Before courses can apply toward your KCC degree, you must submit official transcripts and a transcript evaluation request.​​​​​​​