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ALEKS assessment test is offered for math placement. To take ALEKS, first complete an application to KCC. You will need a student ID number, username and access to the KCC student portal.  

Prepare for ALEKS math placement test 

  1. Click on the My KCC student portal icon from  
  2. Use your KCC username and password to log in.
  3. Under the Bookmarks and Links tab (right side) select ALEKS-Math Placement.
  4. Read and check the user agreement box to continue.
  5. Click the “Student, Year 2019/ High Education Math Placement” link.
  6. Take a short survey along with a tools tutorial before your un-proctored placement assessment test.

About ALEKS practice test

ALEKS assesses a student's current knowledge by asking a small number of questions (usually 20-30) during the practice test. ALEKS chooses each practice test question on the basis of answers to previous questions. This information creates a profile of information you have mastered and which you have not - represented on a multicolor pie chart.

Next steps

  1. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know that you have completed the un-proctored (practice) Placement Assessment test.
  2. Continue completing Prep and Learn modules for more practice if necessary.
  3. Go to KCC's Testing Center and complete the proctored exam. Only the proctored attempt will count toward placement at KCC.