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Prepare for a Tutoring Session

Tutoring sessions are interactive and designed to supplement and reinforce work started in class. Please take the following steps to maximize the benefits of tutoring:

  • Attend all class meetings. Attending class provides exposure to course material. Your tutor cannot help if you are not familiar with the material your instructor is covering.
  • Know class assignments and teacher instructions. Knowing assignments and instructions gives you an idea of what you should be working on. Your tutor will be better able to assist and time will not be wasted determining what you should work on if you know the assignment.
  • Complete assignments and review before tutoring sessions. This includes reading the text, reviewing class notes, and preparing questions for your tutor.
  • Bring appropriate materials (book, paper, handouts, calculator, etc.) to tutoring sessions. Before your tutoring session, make sure you have everything you will need to cover the material you are seeking help with.

Preparing for tutoring sessions will help you realize the greatest benefits of the service. It will also help you in becoming a better student. Ultimately, success depends not on your tutor or your instructor, but on you.

If problems arise during your tutoring session, first attempt to work them out with your tutor. If a solution is not met, please follow up with the coordinator of learning services for further assistance.

Questions and concerns related to tutoring services can be directed to Melissa Weston, 815-802-8775, or  email