Forms for Club Officers

Keep your club organized and up-to-date by using these forms for planning events and reporting.

Accepting monetary donations - Has your organization been lucky enough to receive some money or
in-kind gifts? You'll need a Monetary or In-Kind Donations form.

Event Proposal form - Does your club want to host an event or fundraiser? You'll need to submit the Event Proposal form.

Gift Card Raffle form - If your club is giving away gift cards as a prize or a fundraiser, submit the Gift Card Raffle form to get reimbursed for the gift card purchase.

Marketing resources - Submit the Marketing Request Form to make sure your event is advertised! Need some help creating fliers? Use the Club Flier Template. Email your flier along with your marketing request form to

New student club startup - Want to start a new club or organization? Everything you need to know is in the new club start-up form.

T-shirt form – Does your club want to order T-shirts? Submit the T-shirt Form to begin the ordering process.

Qualify for funding from Student Life - Interested in doing more as a club or organization? Complete the Funding Request form.

Student club officer roster - Each year, after your organization has elected new officers, submit an officer roster.

Student Clubs and Organizations Manual - Everything your club or organization needs to know to achieve your goals, view the Clubs and Organizations Manual.

Travel procedures - Planning a trip for your club or organization? View the Travel Policies and Procedures document to make sure all logistics are set.

KCC Student Life Liability Waiver - Traveling to a conference, off-campus event, or participating in an athletic event or campfire event? Complete the KCC Student Life Liability Waiver.