Web Services

Web Services

The web services team maintains KCC’s main website and provides the following services to academic and administrative departments:

  • Assistance with content updates, including images, text, documents and video
  • Page creation
  • Promotional banners for rotation on the home page
  • Subsite development
  • Auxiliary website branding
  • Form development
  • HTML email templates

In addition, the web services team:

  • Provides first-tier support for the KCC website
  • Assists content owners with website updates
  • Creates, maintains and enforces KCC web standards and policies
  • Provides guidance and/or assistance in website development.

Web Services Request Form

General Web Services

Website maintenance

Generally, edits to site content are the responsibility of content owners. However, requests for complex edits, media uploads, image placement and new pages should be requested using the web services request form. They are completed in the order they are received. Please complete the web services request form. Include the page or site’s URL. Allow 2-3 days.

Website banner

Event or student activity banners can be added to the home page banner rotator. The banner is 940 x 248 pixels. Images from the Office of Marketing and Public Relations inventory can be used. Submitted images will be considered, but must meet publication standards and have permission from everyone in the photo. More information is available from any member of the Web Services Team. For home page banners, complete the web services request form. Allow 2 weeks.

Subsite development

The first step to propose a new subsite is to set up a meeting to discuss the project. Contact Roger Ehmpke at 815-802-8282. Designate one person to be the point of contact. That person will be the liaison with the Web Services Team on all matters regarding the new subsite. Anyone submitting a request who anticipates limited personal availability is encouraged to name a secondary contact to ensure scheduled project completion.

Auxiliary site branding

Auxiliary sites, such as iShare, College Central Network and Ed2Go, or in-house web applications, such as Resource 25 and WebAdvisor, should be branded to provide continuity with KCC’s main website. For your department's branding requests, complete the web services request form. Most vendors provide documentation regarding their branding procedures. Please provide web services with a copy of this documentation. Allow 4 weeks.

Form development

Web services will create web forms upon request. Many times, forms can be adapted from those already created by Media Services. For new forms, you must provide the text and identify the information to be collected. Forms can be constructed to submit data to an email address of your choosing or to an Excel file.> To request a form, complete the web services request form. Allow 1-2 weeks.

HTML email templates

Email templates for official communications can be developed. Please complete the web services request form.

Web Project Development

Before you request Web Services to assist with development of a subsite, please perform all the tasks on this checklist:

  • Determine your audience. Create a document stating the purpose of the website and what audience you wish to reach.
  • Research other sites. Check out websites similar to what you want. List URLs and write notes about ones you like and why you like them.
  • Prepare for the initial meeting. Know what you want the website message to be. Think about how the site will be organized and/or create an outline. Consider images, audio, video or other media items you may want to include.
  • Organize necessary materials. Bring as many of the following as possible to the initial meeting: the purpose document, site outline, content drafts and media files on a CD or> USB Flash drive.

Depending on the scope of the project and other demands, the project should be completed within 4-10 weeks. Failure to provide content and/or timely feedback will delay the project.

KCC web standards and identity guidelines

Content owners must follow the guidelines on https://styleguide.kcc.edu/. Marketing and Public Relations has ultimate authority on web content and reserves the right to delete or change content on the KCC.edu website at its discretion.​

Faculty Pages

Faculty websites provide information to students, future students and the community about KCC professors and assistant professors. Content on faculty websites will be professional and college-related.

Marketing and Public Relations provides support and Continuing Education provides training.

Please be aware that large multimedia files cannot be stored on KCC’s web server and must be stored on another server.

Request a Faculty Site

To request the creation of a faculty site, complete and return the faculty website request form to webservices@kcc.edu via email.

Faculty site content is not required to go through the approval workflow. That means pages are published immediately when you click the "Publish" button. Any faculty member who prefers to have his/her content reviewed before publishing, may contact Ellen Schmidt at eschmidt@kcc.edu or 815-802-8279.

For more information, contact the director of marketing and public relations at 815-802-8256.