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Art student doing a painting of a family portrait.


Two students in business casual clothing walking down hammes cafe area hallway.

**Business** AND **Communication**

Student studying in the college center.

**General** **Exploration**

Elementary education student building out a set build using plastic straws.

**Helping** **Professions**

Two nurses participating in a simulation.

**Medical** **Professions**

A manufacturing technology student.


Academic Programs

Ready to find the path that's right for you? Get started by choosing from these career pathway areas. If you are unsure about what you might want to study, then check out Career Coach .

Arts & Culture

Fine Arts & Design - Programs and areas of study in this community of interest attract students who have a desire to study human society and culture. They should appreciate a focus on acquiring a deep understanding of humanity, society, historical context, and human expression. Students in this area may tend to “think outside the box” to solve a problem or achieve a goal by generating their own work that represents their personal interests and passions.

Business & Communication

Business, Marketing & Communication - Programs and areas of study in this community of interest attract students who are leaders and entrepreneurs driven by innovative solutions and achieving goals. This area develop students' written and verbal communication skills, and involve reading, writing, editing, research, analysis, speaking, and persuasion. They also value team work, problem solving, managing, numbers/data, and interpersonal transactions.


The Exploration Pathway will be best for these students:

  • Students who haven't chosen a program or plan of study can explore different subjects to help them decide their path forward. Designated Exploration Courses will offer classes introducing students to different subjects and allow them to pick one that fits their interests, while fulfilling the requirements for transferring to a four-year school or for an associate degree. Students can then choose one of the other pathways, or stay in the Exploration Pathway to finish with their core general education transfer requirements finished or to get the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science.
  • Students whose objectives cannot be met through the college's transfer or occupational degrees can pursue the Associate in General Studies degree, which is designed to meet the students' objectives such as obtaining a two year liberal education or meeting employment needs not offered through other programs.
  • Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution in pursuit of a bachelor of arts degree can complete their general education courses at KCC and earn the General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) Certificate.

Helping Professions

Human Service & Social Science - Programs and areas of study in this community of interest attract students who enjoy helping and assisting others. They desire a career where they will nurture the growth of or address the problems of a person's physical, psychological, intellectual, or emotional well-being through counseling, social work, public safety, or education.

Medical Professions

Health Careers - Programs and areas of study in this community of interest attract students who enjoy helping people live better, safer, and healthier lives. This area develops students with comprehensive training and experiences to be job-ready for the healthcare industry. They also value compassion, teamwork, and fast paced environments.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics - Programs and areas of study in this community of interest attract students who are curious about “how things work” in nature, biology, machines, physical laws, etc. They help students apply theory through hands on experience using critical thinking, creative problem solving, and innovation. Courses concentrate on exploration and discovery using knowledge of physical, life, and mechanical sciences.

Liberal Arts & Science

Life Science
Physical Science

Applied Degrees & Certificates

Agriculture & Horticulture
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Automotive Technology
Computer Graphic Technology

Applied Degrees & Certificates

Electrical Engineering Technology
Information Technology
Manufacturing Technology

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